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Atelier Jewellery

inspired by a true love story

At Atelier Jewellery, we believe that every love story deserves a symbol as radiant and captivating as the moment it all began.



Our founder, Suzie, experienced a romantic proposal in the heart of New York City. Blindfolded and led to a secret location, she was surprised to find herself on a stunning yacht, ready to embark on a private cruise along the Hudson River. With the Brooklyn Bridge in view and one of their meaningful songs playing, Andrew, her boyfriend, got down on one knee and presented Suzie with a stunning diamond engagement ring. The moment was magical, and she, of course, said yes! The crew presented them with their favourite champagne to celebrate, the day couldn't have been more perfect.


However, before their journey to the shore, Andrew revealed that the ring he had given Suzie on the yacht was not her actual ring, but a replica. Earlier that day, he had rushed to the jewellery store, only to find the diamond engagement ring he had ordered was not yet ready as promised. In a moment of panic, the store provided a placeholder ring for the proposal. Later that day, they picked up the real ring—an exquisite 2-carat radiant cut diamond, set on a delicate diamond band with a hidden halo detail, leaving Suzie breathless.


Despite having her dream ring, Suzie couldn't help but worry about losing her new diamond. Not wanting to part with her precious token of love, she decided to source a replica ring that she could wear on her upcoming holiday to Greece. Only to be disappointed by the cheap materials and poor quality imitations she received. Determined to find the perfect solution, Suzie decided to take matters into her own hands, and thus, Atelier Jewellery was born.



We are more than just a jewelry brand. We are a manifestation of love, dreams, and adventure. Our vision is to fill the gap in the market for affordable, high-quality simulated diamonds, ensuring everyone can indulge in the elegance and radiance of fine jewelry without compromise.


Our dedication to craftsmanship is unparalleled. Each piece we create is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every ring mirrors the brilliance and allure of a genuine diamond. From design to finishing touches, our artisans pour their hearts into every creation, so you can embrace your special moments with confidence and grace.


Atelier Jewellery is not just a brand; it's a family united by the love of beauty and the joy of celebration. We invite you to be a part of our journey, to share your stories, and to create everlasting memories with our exquisite pieces. Join us as we celebrate life's precious moments, one shimmering stone at a time.


Before establishing Atelier, Suzie made her mark in the world of jewellery by founding the successful jewellery brand, Cartilage Cartel. Her dedication to design, quality and sustainable practices quickly set Cartilage Cartel apart, leading to a nomination for the prestigious "Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year" award. National press features, including the esteemed Marie Claire magazine, further propelled the brand's recognition and popularity. Successfully launching into the US, Europe, Asia, and Australasia markets, Cartilage Cartel made its mark on the global stage.

Passionate about sustainability, Suzie nurtures close relationships with her factories and suppliers ensuring that her designs reflect her commitment to responsible practices. She personally visits factories and suppliers annually, nurturing strong relationships and overseeing the production process firsthand. In 2022, Suzie embarked on a significant journey to Asia, exploring innovative approaches to jewellery craftsmanship. This trip was a pivotal moment for her, occurring shortly before she welcomed her first child into the world.

Looking ahead, Suzie, Ivy, and her fiancé Andrew are gearing up for an exciting adventure. In early 2024, they will be heading to the Far East, where they plan to engage with new manufacturers and artisans sourcing innovative new products for the business.