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Article: Halo Ring Vs. Hidden Halo Ring

Halo Ring Vs. Hidden Halo Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, there are myriad options to consider. Two popular styles that have been capturing hearts are the hidden halo and the traditional halo engagement rings. Both styles showcase the brilliance of the center stone while adding an extra touch of elegance and sparkle. In this blog post, we'll explore the difference between these two stunning designs to help you make an informed decision that will dazzle your significant other.

  1. Traditional Halo Engagement Rings

Traditional halo engagement rings have been admired for their vintage-inspired allure and glamorous appeal. They feature a center diamond or gemstone surrounded by a circle of smaller pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. This halo of diamonds serves to enhance the center stone's size and brilliance while creating a captivating display of sparkle.

Pros of Traditional Halo Engagement Rings:

  • Glamorous Look: The halo of diamonds provides a mesmerizing and opulent look that is sure to turn heads.
  • Enhanced Center Stone: The halo setting makes the center diamond appear larger, adding to its grandeur and visual impact.
  • Versatility: Traditional halo rings can be set with various diamond shapes, allowing for personalization to match your partner's style.

Cons of Traditional Halo Engagement Rings:

  • Maintenance: With more diamonds on the surface, traditional halos may require more regular cleaning to keep them sparkling.
  • Potential Snagging: The extra diamonds on the halo may increase the chances of snagging on clothing or other objects.
  1. Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings, also known as secret halo or seamless halo rings, take a more understated approach while still radiating elegance. Instead of having a visible halo of diamonds around the center stone, hidden halo rings feature diamonds set underneath the center stone's basket or crown. The diamonds are strategically placed to add extra brilliance without creating a distinct border around the center stone.

Pros of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings:

  • Subtle Elegance: The hidden halo provides a delicate touch of sparkle that complements the center stone without overwhelming it.
  • Smooth and Streamlined Look: The diamonds set beneath the center stone create a seamless appearance, resulting in a sleek and modern design.
  • Low Maintenance: With fewer diamonds exposed on the surface, hidden halo rings may require less frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Cons of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings:

  • Less Dramatic Sparkle: While still dazzling, the hidden halo may not create the same level of dramatic sparkle as the traditional halo setting.
  • Limited Center Stone Shape: The placement of hidden halo diamonds may restrict the types of center stone shapes that can be used.


Choosing between a hidden halo and a traditional halo engagement ring ultimately comes down to personal preference and style. If your partner adores vintage glamour and desires a bold, dazzling look, a traditional halo ring could be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if your partner prefers a more subtle, modern, and streamlined design, a hidden halo ring might be the perfect fit.

Whichever style you choose, both hidden halo and traditional halo engagement rings are captivating choices that symbolize the eternal love and commitment you share. The mesmerizing sparkle of these rings will undoubtedly make your partner's heart skip a beat and serve as a timeless reminder of your love story.

Remember, the most crucial aspect is selecting a ring that reflects your partner's unique personality and preferences, ensuring a proposal they'll cherish forever.

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